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Business jet on arrival. Proprietary markings deleted.ANDDCR Business jet on arrival. Proprietary markings deleted. “I just said to my husband, ‘we need to go, we need to get out of here’,” she told Stuff. Russell had about 50 messages from people who were interested in chartering a flight, after they said posting to social media, but many pulled out when it came to fronting up with the money. A 14-seater plane would have set the group back $85,000 NZD. In the end she downsized to an eight-seater plane at a total cost of $40,000, through Australian private jet company Airly. Airly’s chief executive officer Luke Hampshire said there had been an “abnormally high” increase in inquiries for charter services, since the bubble was paused. While it is great the service is available to take people home, the situation was “incredibly unfair”, Hampshire said. He said while many people have inquired about the service, most cannot afford to follow through.


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Good news for South Africans travelling to the UK The UK government has announced that fully vaccinated international passengers arriving in England will no longer have to take Covid-19 PCR tests on arrival but can instead take the cheaper and quicker lateral flow test. These changes will take effect from 24 October, the UK government said in a notice on Thursday (14 October), and will apply to all countries that are not currently on the UK’s travel red list – including South Africa. “Eligible fully vaccinated passengers arriving in England from countries not on the red list can take a lateral flow test on or before day 2 of their arrival from 24 October, rather than PCR tests – cutting the cost of tests in time for travellers returning from half-term breaks. These can be booked from 22 October. “Eligible travellers will be able to order cheaper lateral flow tests from private testing providers as an alternative to a PCR, offering faster results. The list of approved private providers will go live on 22 October.” Passengers will need to take a photo of their lateral flow test and booking reference supplied by the private provider and send it back to them to verify the result. Passengers can also book to have a test that they can take on their arrival into the UK at testing centres located in some airports. The UK’s secretary of state for Transport Grant Shapps said that the move would help boost the country’s tourism industry and was a major step to reopening travel. “Today’s rule changes will make testing on arrival simpler and cheaper for people across the country who are looking forward to well-earned breaks for this October half term.


Gov. Janet Mills, right, talks with Mogadishu Store owner, Shukri Abasheikh, Monday in Lewiston. Mills visited several businesses along Lisbon Street. Gov. Janet Mills on Monday unveiled the Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan’s first investments, including $20 million for a new small business grant program, $39 million to help lower monthly health insurance premiums and $80 million to replenish the state’s unemployment trust fund and mitigate tax hikes for small businesses. The $139 million in planned spending comes on the first day that legislation enacting the plan took effect, reflecting a sense of urgency to support Maine’s small businesses and workers as the state continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on Maine’s economy. The Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan is Mills’ plan, approved by the Legislature, to invest nearly $1 billion in American Rescue Plan funds to achieve three goals: immediate economic recovery from the pandemic, long-term economic growth for Maine and infrastructure revitalization, the governor’s office said Monday. The plan draws heavily on recommendations from the Governor’s Economic Recovery Committee and the State’s 10-Year Economic Development Strategy, transforming them into real action to improve the lives of Maine people and strengthen the economy, it said. Success. Please wait for the page to reload.


The BC grant is intended to foster interdisciplinary work that connects oceanography and the data sciences with education "We are going to focus, most likely, on scientific inquiry, and providing students in K-12 opportunities for conducting real life analyses with data," she said. A common trap that educators fall into when trying to implement new research into a child's learning: developing a new curriculum instead of working with existing curriculum that already works, according to O'Dwyer. "What we don't want to do is spend our time developing curricula that might not work," O'Dwyer said. "What we are hoping to do is leverage pre-existing curricula that is available so we can slide in some of the research and empirical work." The data that scientists intend to collect with this grant will concern a large range of fields, O'Dwyer said, but the main focus is on carbon transfer and carbon sinks, which are processes by which carbon is withheld and released into the atmosphere. "This whole center is about carbon transfer," O'Dwyer said. "What we are trying to understand is how the carbon sink mediates all of the various biochemical, microbiological, and climate issues." O'Dwyer said that one of the possible long-term benefits of exposing kids to this research may be improved environmental advocacy. "What we would expect is to increase knowledge with the hope that over time that knowledge leads to greater advocacy," O'Dwyer said. When asked about the first steps for the education department within this program, O'Dwyer spoke about upcoming meetings with the scientists out in the field over the next few weeks. "Over the coming weeks, we are going to set up a meeting with all the scientists and ask, 'Where can you see a connection between what you are take a look at the site here doing, and K-12?'" O'Dwyer said. "'Where can you see a connection between what you are doing and experiential opportunities?'" Overall, she said she is grateful for this opportunity to be able to translate important ocean research and grant resources into something vital in the education of children.